The Forum is a new feature. If you are familiar with forums on web sites, you will find this one is very similar. It is organized on the basis of Groups – which are broad interest categories, such as Military, or Schools. Under Groups we have the Forums, such as Soest, under Schools. And finally, in each Forum, we have topics for discussion. The admins create the Groups and Forums. If you would like to see new Groups and/or Forums, drop us a line using the Contact form and we will see what we can do. Anyone can create a topic under a Forum and anyone can reply to an existing topic.

We encourage everyone to use the Forum so we can have discussions on topics of interest to our members. We also believe that Forum topics such as Looking for People or Photos or whatever, is the best way to get responses for these types of requests, because the Forum allows a two way discussion on these issues.

You must have registered and be logged in to participate in the Forums. This is simply to cut down on spam. When you register and login to our site you gain access to the Forum, you can enter comments on pages and you can enter comments on photos.

When you click on the Forum tab, you will see something like this:




If you click on a Forum, such as Soest Senior School, you will see this:




Under the Forum you will see all the current topics. If we click on a topic, we will see something like this:

Topics Details


You will now see the detailed text for that topic. You can reply to the topic by clicking on Add Reply, or you can include the original text in your reply by clicking on Quote and then typing your reply.

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  1. Hello, Thank you very much for this site. I am completing our family history and I am missing some place names and streets for details. I lived in Hemer as a dependant from 1966-1969 and attended grades K – 2. I heard that I attended school on a British airforce base? Can anyone help me with the name of the school and if that is accurate?
    Also, I remember running across a tarmac to fly back to Canada and walking up the steps to a plane. Does anyone know if this was most likely a military airstrip (there were a lot of soldiers on the tarmac also) and where that was and what it was called?
    Thank you for any help anyone can offer, Ivy