Fort Locations


You will see the following forts indicated on this map:

Around Werl:

      Fort St. Louis (1)
      Fort Victoria (2)
      Fort Anne (3)

Around Soest:

      Fort York (4)
      Fort Henry (5)
      Fort Chambly (6)

Around Hemer/Iserlohn:

      Fort MacLeod (7)
      Fort Prince of Wales (8)
      Fort Qu’Appelle (9)
      Fort Beausejour (10)

The map is dynamic so you can zoom in on any fort by using the zoom tool on the bottom right and at the top left you can switch between map and satellite views.

Special thanks to Manfred Schmitt for going to each location and gathering the GPS location data that we were able to use to generate this map!

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  1. Dennis O,Conner took 2 weeks leave and set his tent up out side the bar in Apricke, Always said everything was suluvious, Also sung Danny Boy A million times. 64-67 2HCHA. We all just called the bar , THE Happy House.