Archive Data


The Archives contains data from the old web site. This includes the old Guestbook data.

Click on one of the submenu items to search or browse the old Guestbook.

Old Guestbook Data

Some of you might be familiar with the layout and order of the data in the old Guestbook, so if you click on this option, this is what you will get.

Old and New Guestbook data. All the old data was entered into unstructured fields. However, we ended up with dozens of ways in which people entered the same information, such as schools or forts or military units. Also, there were many wrong spellings. As a result, this made it difficult for people to search for information. To reduce these problems in the future, we added dropdown menu choices for many of the fields in the new GB. However, to transfer the old GB data we also had to add free form fields. Typically these have “additional info” added to the name. So you will find the old GB data for school, years, forts and military units in these free form fields. You can also use these fields to enter data that does not correspond to the drop down menu items.

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