Archives 1963 – 1964


From the Long Lost Archives of Hemer High School

September 20Students’ Council elected:
President: Rod Silverson
Vice-President: Celia Barss
Secretary: Dawn Watson
Treasurer: Anice Craig
October 25Hallowe’en Dance held in the gymnasium
January 17Soest defeats Hemer Boys basketball team 42-37
Soest defeats Hemer Girls basketball team 20-10
February 14Valentine’s Dance held in the gymnasium
May 158th Inter-School Track and Field Meet held at Huckenohl Stadium Menden


60m: Colleen Short(S)
75m: Ann Slaney(S)
High Jump: Kathy McKenzie(S)
Broad Jump: Kathy McKenzie(S)
Ball Throw: Carol Johnson(S)
Relay: Soest

Division winner – Soest

60m: Michelle McCullough(H)
100m: Michelle McCullough(H)
High Jump: Brenda Rutkay(H)
Shot Put: Brenda Rutkay(H)
Broad Jump: Kathy Ernst(S)
Ball Throw: Jan Wagstaff(H)
Relay: Hemer

Division winner – Hemer

60m: Pat Stoddard(S)
100m: Pat Stoddard(S)
High Jump: Eve-Lynn Booth(H)
Broad Jump: Pat Stoddard(S)
Shot Put: Jo Stoddard(S)
Discus: Jo Stoddard(S)

Division winner – Soest


60m: David Jones(S)
100m: Bob Hartlan(H)
Ball Throw: David Simpson(S)
Relay: Soest

Division winner – Soest


100m: Doug Krupp(S)
200m: Doug Krupp(S)
800m: Don Bowen(S)
Broad Jump: Bob Cooper(H)
High Jump: Terry Morgan(S)
Shot Put: Colin Crocker(H)
Discus: Doug Krupp(S)
Relay: Soest

Division winner – Soest

100m: Shawn Brown(H)
200m: Shawn Brown(H)
400m: Len Juteau(S) 800m: Tony Connolly(S)
1500m: Gord Lawless(H)
Broad Jump: Shawn Brown(H)
High Jump: Rod Derouin(S)
Shot Put: Rod Derouin(S)
Discus: Bob Turner(S)
Relay: Soest

Division winner – Soest

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