Archives 1962 – 1963


From the Long Lost Archives of Hemer High School

September 20Students’ Council elected:

President: Dave Larke
Vice-President: Linda Schell
Secretary: Marilyn Jones
Treasurer: Heather Hiltz
Grade 12 representative: Bev Phillips
Grade 11 representative: Bob Power
Grade 10A representative: Sharon Wither
Grade 10C representative: Bill Fletcher
Grade 9A representative: Robert Mills
Grade 9B representative: David Fletcher

September 27Year Book staff named:
Editor: Bev Phillips
Assistant Editor: Bev van Vliet
October 11Mr. Attridge calls Dave Larke a paragon of sartorial splendour
October 12Grade 12 girls wear one of Dave’s ties to class, Mr. Attridge reduced to tears
October 20Grant McDonald quarterbacks Hemer Football team to its first ever win against Soest in Hemer, 14-12
October 26Intermediate Soccer team, coached by Mr. Gervais, wins Brigade Championship
October 27Hallowe’en Dance in the gymnasium
October 31Senior Girls Volleyball team wins Brigade Championship
NovemberGrant MacDonald returns to Canada
December 19Christmas concert
JanuarySenior Boys Volleyball team wins Brigade Championship
January 24Senior Girls Basketball team narrowly loses final game to Soest in Brigade Championship
February 5Junior Girls Basketball team plays Werl in Hemer, loses 9-8
February 12Junior Girls Basketball team plays Soest in Soest, wins 12-4
February 19Junior Girls Basketball team plays Werl in Werl, wins 7-4
February 26Junior Girls Basketball team plays Soest in Hemer, wins 28-10 and is Brigade Champion
MarchMr. Humphrey declares Mike Leury a leader, classmates shocked, think Mr. Humphrey’s tie too tight
March 12Drama festival
April 30Cross country race
MayMr. Szpital takes the Grade 11 class on a trip to Amsterdam
May 3Spelling contest
May 6Public speaking contest results:
Junior Division:
1. Lloyd Robbins – “Newfoundland”
2. John Lang – “Constellations”

Intermediate Division:
1. Rebecca Wetsel – “My American Heritage”
2. Lynn Power – “The United Nations”

Senior Division:
1. Bev Phillips – “The Senses”
2. Bill Sparks -“The Age of Chivalry”

May 7Music festival
May 9Hemer track meet results

60m: 1. Hebina Hood, 2. Karen Mintenko, 3.Linda Silverthorne
75m: 1. Lorraine Burgess, 2. Debra George, 3. Elka Cloutier
Broad Jump: 1. Lorraine Burgess, 2. Linda Silverthorne, 3. Arlene Frost
Ball Throw: 1. Lorraine Burgess, 2. Diane Brequalt, 3. Karen Mintenko

60m: 1. Audrey Conte, 2. Brenda Ruttkay, 3. Michele McCulloch
100m: 1. Audrey Conte, 2. Michele McCulloch, 3. Brenda Ruttkay
High Jump: 1. Brenda Ruttkay, 2. Michele McCulloch, 3. Marie Gignac
Shot Put: 1. Sally Butt, 2. Maureen Gaudet, 3. Melanie McLaughlin

Senior and Olympic:
60m: 1. Kathy Evans, 2. Rebecca Wetsel, 3. Mary Schell
100m: 1. Rebecca Wetsel, 2. Sharon Wither, 3. Heather Hiltz
High Jump: 1. Sharon Wither, 2. Lesly Stevens, 3. Heather Hiltz
Broad Jump: 1. Eve-Lynn Booth, 2. Sharon Wither, 3. Lesly Stevens
Javelin: 1. Linda Kaye, 2. Linda Schell, 3. Corinne Foley
Shot Put: 1. Sharon Wither, 2. Linda Foley, 3. Lesly Stevens
Discus: 1. Lesly Stevens, 2. Sharon Wither, 3. Lynn Hallam


60m: 1. Bob Beattie, 2. Malcolm Elliot, 3. Robbie Martin
100m: 1. Gary Findlay, 2.Wayne Doucette, 3. George Gignac
Broad Jump: 1. Dick Butler, 2. Robbie Martin, 3. Malcolm Elliot
High Jump: 1. Robbie Martin, 2. George Gignac, 3. Andrew Pitt
Ball Throw: 1. Malcolm Elliot, 2. Dick Butler, 3. Mike Milbury

100m: 1. Terry Morgan, 2. Greg Gerstman 3. Colin Crocker
200m: 1. Doug Allingham, 2. Bob Cooper, 3. Greg Lewis
800m: 1. Greg Lewis, 2. Lloyd Robbins, 3. Steve Malnick
High Jump: 1. Bob Cooper, 2. Ronnie Hie, 3. Peter McCulloch
Shot Put: 1. Colin Crocker, 2. Greg Gerstman, 3. Terry Morgan
Discus: 1. John Wetsel, 2. Colin Crocker, 3. Bill McTaggart

100m: 1. Norman Proulx, 2.Ray Shelly, 3. Eric Stonehouse
200m: 1. Ray Shelly, 2. Norman Proulx, 3. Mike Jones
800m: 1. Ted Buck 2. Eric Stonehouse, 3. Bruce Penn
1500m: 1. Ted Buck, 2. Dennis McLeod, 3. John Lang
Broad Jump: 1. Willie Buchanan, 2. Ted Buck, 3. Ray Shelly
High Jump: 1. Norman Proulx, 2. Bill Cassidy, 3. Eric Stonehouse
Hop-Step-Jump: 1. Willie Buchanan, 2. Mike Doiron, 3. Russel Buick
Javelin: 1. Bill Cassidy, 2. Ted Buck, 3. Robert Mills
Shot Put: 1. Bill Cassidy, 2. Wayne Fjoser, 3. Ron Cross
Discus: 1. Norman Proulx, 2. Mike Doiron, 3. Robert Mills

100m: 1. Bill Dunham, 2. Lester Dunham, 3. Dave Larke
800m: 1. Bill Dunham, 2. Rod Derouin, 3. Richard Foy
Broad Jump: 1. Bill Dunham, 2. Richard Foy, 3. Lester Dunham
High Jump: 1. Richard Foy, 2. Rod Derouin, 3. Greyam Puff
Javelin: 1. Greyam Puff, 2. Allan Hoar, 3. Bill Dunham
Shot Put: 1. Rod Derouin, 2. Bill Dunham, 3. Greyam Puff
Discus: 1. Allan Hoar, 2. Richard Foy, 3. Peter Booth
May 15Results of the Brigade Public Speaking Contest held at the Soest Senior School:
Junior Division:
1. Lloyd Robbins – Hemer – “Newfoundland”
2. Wendy Lund – Soest – “The London Underground”

Intermediate Division:
1. John Hanlon – Soest – “The New Democratic Party”
2. Lynn Power – Hemer – “The United Nations”

Senior Division:
1. Linda Beacon – Soest – “Hypnotism”
2. Bev Phillips – Hemer – “The Senses”

May 237th Inter-School Track and Field Meet held at Huckenohl Stadium Menden


60m:Colleen Short(S) – 9.3sec.
75m: Kathy McKenzie(S) – 11.5sec.
High Jump: Kathy McKenzie(S) – 1.18m
Broad Jump: Carol Jeffs(S) – 3.79m
Ball Throw: Margaret Rattray(S) – 33.33m
Relay: Soest

Individual winner: Kathy McKenzie(S)

60m: Sharon Hornum(S) – 8.6sec.
75m: Sharon Hornum(S) – 11.0sec.
High Jump: Brenda Rutkay(H) – 1.27m
Broad Jump: Karen Ernst(S) – 3.97m
Ball Throw: Wendy Lund(S) – 57.60m
Relay: Soest – 57.6sec.

Individual winner: Karen Ernst(S)
Division winner – Soest

60m: Ann Hanlon(S) – 9.0sec.
100m: Pat Stoddard(S) – 13.6sec.
High Jump: Sharon Wither(H) – 1.25m
Broad Jump: Pat Stoddard(S) – 4.26m
Javelin: Jo Stoddard(S) – 28.60m
Shot Put: Jo Stoddard(S) – 8.46m
Discus: Jo Stoddard(S) – 27.90m

Individual winner: Pat Stoddard(S)
Division winner – Soest


60m: David Simpson(S) – 9.2sec.
100m: David Simpson(S) – 14.9sec.
High Jump: Bob Ainsley(H) – 1.31m
Broad Jump: David Simpson(S) – 4.13m
Ball Throw: Stephen Melville(W) – 43.5m
Relay: Soest

Individual winner: David Simpson(S)
Division winner – Soest

100m: Howard Dart(S) – 13.3sec.
200m: Howard Dart(S) – 27.9sec.
800m: Burton Elton(S) – 2min. 23sec.
Broad Jump: Terry Morgan(H) – 4.64m
High Jump: Howard Dart(S) – 1.40m
Shot Put: Colin Crocker(H) – 10.70m
Discus: John Wetsel(H) – 34.28m
Relay: Hemer – 54.7sec.

Individual winner: Howard Dart(S)
Division winner – Hemer

100m: Normand Proulx(H) – 12.5sec.
200m: Normand Proulx(H) – 25.0sec.
800m: Len Juteau(S) – 2min. 16sec.
1500m: Tom Murphy(S) – 4min. 55sec.
Broad Jump: Willie Buchanan(H) – 5.33m
High Jump: Normand Proulx(H) – 1.52m
Hop-Step-Jump: Willie Buchanan(H) – 10.94m
Javelin: Harry Reed(S) – 41.23m
Shot Put: Bill Cassidy(H) – 11.46m
Discus: Mike Doiron(H) – 34.18m
Relay: Hemer – 9.3sec.

Individual winner:Normand Proulx(H)
Division winner – Hemer

100m: Bill Dunham(H) – 12.0sec.
800m: Jim Legary(S) – 2min. 25sec.
Broad Jump: Richard Foy(H) – 5.41m
High Jump: Larry MacDonald(S) – 1.55m
Javelin: Graham Nichols(S) – 46.17m
Shot Put: Rod Derouin(H) – 10.97m
Discus: Wayne Hawe(S) – 31.97m
Relay: Hemer – 49.4sec.

Individual winner: Bill Dunham(H)
Division winner – Hemer

JuneDave and Bill Sparks start a fire in the Felsenmeer
June 26Grad dance
June 27Closing exercises
June 30Mr. Enns returns to Ottawa
Mr. Attridge returns to Ottawa
Mr. Szpital returns to Redwater, Alberta
Mr. Doerksen returns to Winnipeg
Mr. Dressler returns to St. Albert, Alberta
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