Iserlohn Album

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  1. My second youngest brother was born in Iserlohn in 1963. 

  2. I was born in Iserlohn in 1959,in the BMH. We left for Canada after that, but we came back in 1967 to 1970 for the end of the Iserlohn era.

  3. I have several cousins, a sister and various nephews and nieces who were all born in BMH Iserlohn. My second-cousin Shane, was born there in 1960 while his mum and dad were based in Hemer. Does anyone remember Geoff and Gladys Birket?

    In 1971 the family had a bonus year with my cousin Xannine, sister Becky and Xannines’ brother Dean all born the same year – February, May and December respectively. My dad was part of the advance party that had arrived in September 1970 taking over from the Canadians in Hemer. We considered ourselves very lucky to have the Canadian furniture left in our married quarters. These were far superior and comfortable than the British military furniture that we would later have. Thank you Canada.

    We later moved to Iserlohn from Hemer and have very happy memories from both towns.

    My family lived in Block 1, flat 5 Berliner Strasse and when we moved to Iserlohn still had to attend school in Hemer.