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Here is your big chance to play an active role in the evolution of this site. Yes, you too can contribute photos, and you can do so easily.

Just choose the photos you want to upload using the form below. If you are using Internet Explorer, you may only be able to upload one photo at a time.

The photos will be held in a holding area until the admins have a chance to review them and allocate them to the appropriate albums.

Please provide as much information about the photos as possible e.g. where the picture was taken, the year, who is in it and your name as the contributor etc using the description field in the form below.

When you click on choose files a standard windows explorer window will open to allow you to select one or more files to upload. Since the title and description can only apply to one photo, if you submit more than one at a time, you will have to send us a note using the contact form to provide us with info about the photos and about you.

We are looking forward to your submissions!

And remember, to ensure you get all the credit you deserve for taking the time to send us your precious photos, include your name and email address below so we can send you our thanks, tell you where we put the photo and let everyone know who the photo is from. Do not fill in credit field.


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Here are some recently uploaded photos. They have been placed into the appropriate albums or will be soon.

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