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Felsenmeer 2Felsenmeer 1Altena HostelHotel Meise
1963 Christmas SoestZum Kattenturm SoestCarved wood decoration-2 - 2008.jpg1963 Schutzenfest Parade SoestSculpture on top of the water fountain in the Soest Marktplatz (city centre) - 20081965 - 1967 Ringe Strasse2013 Sept Soest Osthofentor2007 September Soest Buildings1965 Pilgrim House SoestSculptures over Rathausentrance-1. Photo taken by Ian Mercer, 2008.jpg
1953 Unna Farmland1955 Unna Marketplace
Werl Churches1969 Werl Sally AnnWerl MapWerl BasilicaLate-50s - 9Werl WindmillWerl History p. 21967 Werl Downtown PubLate-50s - 2Baeckerstrasse 2
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