Radio CAE


For many years Radio CAE (Canadian Army Europe) was the voice of the Canadian Armed Forces in the Ruhr:


Here is a sample program listing from 1970:

A Sample Radio CAE Program from 1970

A Sample Radio CAE Program from 1970


Here are some photos of Radio CAE:

For an in-depth look at Radio CAE, be sure to visit the wonderful site Radio CAE

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  6 Responses to “Radio CAE”

  1. While attending school in Hemer in 1965 > 67 we had a 1/2 hour of air time a wee.

    I was given a letter intorducing me as a freelance broadcaster for CBC.

    I used it to get a few interviews
    Roy Orbinson in London
    Spencer Davis group with a 14 year old Steve Windwood
    Los Bravos
    The Trogs = Wild Thing

    and a backstage interview/seldome given with Grodie Tapp after an armed forces show in Iserlone.

    Mike Baynes

  2. I have a photo of the full staff complement of Radio CAE taken in 1957. You can see when comparing it to the photo on this page that it is definitely the place my Mom did announcing on weekends. How can I post it, please? … Mike

  3. Dave: I have tried to Submit the photo and a comment (to the Contribute Photos section), but I keep getting a “Forbidden – send reques to unlock access” error. I have logged in…

    … Mike Riley

  4. Dave, I never heard back about this after your last message saying your were sending it along to someone who could help.

  5. Many thanks to Dave Larke and Edmund Horka for getting my photo of the CAE station posted. … Mike Riley