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Hemer High School Archives

From the Long Lost Archives of Hemer High School

After an extensive search for information relating to the day-to-day activities and events that occurred at Hemer High School we, Mike Leury and Dave Larke, came across the long lost archives of the school. As you can well imagine they are somewhat faded after all these years and many pages are missing or parts of them are unreadable. In some cases, the pages are stuck together so that events appear to be blended. So far we have managed to decipher some of the information from the pages dealing with 5859, 5960, 6061, 6162, 6263, 6364,6465,6655 and 6667.

As we go through the archives more material will be posted and will be accessible through the menu. We do need your help, however. If you recall significant events that occurred at Hemer High and would like them included in the Chronicles contact us .

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