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  1. What wonderful memories!  So strange to come across this website.  What an awesome job done!  Came across school photos of which my sister Debby was in grade 2 and one of which I was in Grade 4. We lived on Stettsteiner Strasse (spelling?) in Hemer from 1957 to 1960.  Left from Winnipeg to Montreal by train then ship (Queen Frederica ? ) to Germany.  Back in November of 60 on RMS Saxonia posted to Camp Gagetown NB.  I will try to locate some of our pictures if possible from my parents collection and pass along.

  2. Great memories was 1SSM Bty 64-69.

  3. Such a great site!!! We sailed from Halifax on the Captain Cook in 1955 and lived in Soest and Hemer, returning via the Queen Frederica in 1957. I was 7 when we arrived in Soest. I too will scavenge my parents’ photos and post them. (RCEME, LAD, WO2 A.G. (Tony) Rose)