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The Lower Menu Bar contains tabs for all the content, organized as follows:


This section groups all the military information and photos.


This section groups all the information and photos of the PMQs

Radio CAE

This section groups all the information and photos of Radio CAE


We have now included a Memoriam section where people can put in notices about friends and family who were in the Ruhr, who are no longer with us. Just follow the simple instructions on the first page.

Ruhr Scenes

This section contains a variety of photos of the town and areas familiar to those of us who lived in Germany during that time period.


The schools section is organized by school, by yearbooks and other topics, the yearbooks are organized by year and then by yearbook section.


The section contains photos and information about Scouting in Germany.

The Beaver

This section contains many  pages of The Beaver from over the years.

The Trip

This section is organized into photos and information pertaining to both the air voyage and the sea voyage.

Visuals (Coming Soon)

This is a new feature we are trying. We urge you to contribute photos of things that spring to your mind when you think of your time in Germany. Take a look at the sample photos we have added. We are looking for a lot more like that from you!

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