Archives 1961 – 1962


From the Long Lost Archives of Hemer High School

Sept 5Mr. Enns arrives at Hemer High as Principal
September 22Students’ Council elected
President: Carol Waye
Vice-President: Sue McLeod
Secretary: Jacy Johnston
Treasurer: Pat Kilpatrick
Sept-OctHemer Football team loses 4 games to Soest football team
OctoberJunior Boys Soccer team defeats Werl 4-0, goals scored by Ray Shelley, Glenn McTaggart, Len Turple and Dan Popoff
Nov 13Year Book staff named:
Editor: Jamie Enns
Assistant Editor: Peter Elwood
General Manager: Roy Whatmore
Secretary: Sonia King
Advertising: Pat Doane
Finances: Judy Hare
Typing convenor: Judy Short
Nov 15Junior Volleyball Team plays 8 game tournament in Soest:
1. Hemer 7-1
2. Soest 5-3
3. Werl 0-8
November 17Hemer High School students attend the Soest High School Sadie Hawkins Dance
Nov 22Junior Volleyball Team plays 8 game tournament in Hemer:
1. Soest 7-1
2. Hemer 4-4
3. Werl 1-7
Hemer and Soest play best 2 out of 3 for Brigade Championship
1. Hemer 15 – Soest 5
2. Soest 15 – Hemer 1
3. Soest 15 – Hemer 5
Nov 24Senior Volleyball Team plays tournament in Soest for Brigade Championship:
1. Hemer 15 – Soest 9
2. Soest 15 – Hemer 10
3. Soest 15 – Hemer 1
DecemberMiss McKay asks Dave Larke to conjugate amo – Dave dazzles her with his command of Latin verb conjugation
December 19Christmas Concert held in the gym
January 13Hockey team defeats Soest in Soest 5-3
January 16Junior Boys Basketball team plays Soest in Soest – Soest wins
January 24Junior Boys Basketball team plays Hamm in Hemer – Hemer wins
January 26Hockey team plays Werl in Werl, Hemer wins
January 31Junior Boys Basketball team plays Hamm in Hamm, Hamm wins
February 9Hockey team plays Soest in Hemer, Hemer wins 6-5 and wins Brigade Championship
February 12Junior Boys Basketball team plays Soest in Hemer, Soest squeaks a win
MarchSenior Girls Volleyball teams, coached by Mr. Attridge, finish 2nd and 3rd in Brigade Championship
March 9-10Senior Boys Basketball team, coached by Mr. Attridge, finishes 3rd in tournament held in Soest
March 9-10Senior Girls Basketball team, defeated by Soest, Soest wins Brigade Championship 4-3

Junior Division: Team 4 defeats Team 3, 3-2
Intermediate Divison: Team 1 defeats Team 2, 8-2
Senior Division: Team 1 defeats Team 2, 6-2


Junior Division:

Best goalie: D. Butler Most courteous player: B. Demmone
Most valuable player: P. Simard
Rookie award: R. Demmone
High scorer: M. Callaghan

Intermediate Division:

Best goalie: B. MacDonald

Most courteous player: G. Langtang
Most valuable player: B. McTaggart
Rookie award: J.P. Carron
High scorer: K. Callaghan

Senior Division:

Best goalie: G. McTaggart

Most courteous player: A. Hoar
Most valuable player: P. Simard
Rookie award: D. MacDonald
High scorer: R. Foy

March 29Senior Boys Volleyball loses Brigade Championship after Round Robin games with Soest, Hamm and a teacher’s team
April 5Public Speaking Contest
Grade 7-8:
1. Cynthia Waye – “Slavery”
2. Sandra Laidlaw – “World Leadership”
3. Reginald Doty – “Communism”Grades 9-10:
1. Lynn Power – “Peril in Red China”
2. Barbara Wyburd – “Hobbies”
3. Ann Mills – “Diaries”
4. Mike Leury – “Rockets and Space Flight”Grades 11-12:
1. Carol Waye – “The MAgic of Books”
2. Bev Phillips – “Hero Worship”
3. Jamie Enns – “Go-Carting”
April 17Team Results of the Brigade Cross Country Meet held at Fort McLeod:


1. Hemer, 2. Soest, 3. Werl
1. Werl, 2. Soest, 3. Hemer


1. Soest(No. 1), 2. Hemer, 3. Soest(No. 2), 4. Werl
1. Soest, 2. Hemer, 3. Werl


1.Soest(No. 2), 2. Soest(No. 1), 3. Hemer, 4. Werl
1. Soest(No. 1), 2. Hemer, 3. Soest(No. 2)


1. Soest, 2. Soest
1. Soest, 2. Hemer

May 18Eliminations for the Brigade Track and Field meet are held at the Seiler See
May 256th Inter-School Track and Field Meet held at German Sport Field across from the Seiler See


60m: Marilyn Hunter(S) – 9.5sec.
75m: Marilyn Hunter(S) – 11.6sec.
High Jump: Carol Jeffs(S) – 1.08m
Broad Jump: Dorothy Collins(H) – 3.15m
Ball Throw: Carol Johnson(S) – 24.25m
Relay: Soest – 1.8min.Individual winner: Marilyn Hunter(S) – 10 points
Division winner – Soest – 39 points


60m: Luwanda Banks(S) – 9.0sec.
75m: Luwanda Banks(S) – 11.0sec.
High Jump: Wendy Little(S) – 1.25m
Broad Jump: Karen Ernst(S) – 3.75m
Ball Throw: Vickie Burt(S) – 32.75m
Relay: Soest – 63.7sec.

Individual winner: Luwanda Banks(S) – 10 points
Division winner – Soest – 39 points


60m: Jackie Tedford(H) – 8.6sec.
100m: Jackie Tedford(H) – 14.0sec.
High Jump: Jackie Tedford(H) – 1.27m
Broad Jump: Linda Taylor(S) – 4.08m
Javelin: Dina Lowe(H) – 17.32m
Shot Put: Sharon Withers(H) – 8.65m
Discus: Marilyn Jones(H) – 19.07m
Relay: Hemer – 57.7sec.

Individual winner: Jackie Tedford(H) – 15 points
Division winner – Hemer – 48 points


60m: Daphne Milsom(S) – 8.8sec.
100m: Daphne Milsom(S) – 14.1sec.
High Jump: Lesley Stevens(H) – 1.23m
Broad Jump: Daphne Milsom(S) – 3.95m
Javelin: Sharon Wesley(H) – 20.35m
Shot Put: Gloria Prest(S) – 6.80m
Discus: Sandra Bourque(S) – 20.96m
Relay: Soest – 58.7sec.

Individual winner: Daphne Milsom(S) – 15 points
Division winner – Soest – 54 points


60m: Sandie Evans(S) – 9.0sec.
100m: Sandie Evans(S) – 14.4sec.
High Jump: Barb Henderson(H) – 1.20m
Broad Jump: Hazel Lowe(H) – 4.10m
Javelin: Carolyn Green(S) – 17.37m
Shot Put: Carolyn Green(S) – 7.05m
Discus: Ann Perodeau(S) – 20.34m
Relay: Soest – 60.4sec.

Individual winner: Sandie Evans(S) – 13 points
Division winner – Soest – 52 points



60m: David Simpson(S) – 9.3sec.
100m: David Simpson(S) – 14.9sec.
High Jump: David McKay(H) – 1.17m
Broad Jump: Mark Walker(S) – 4.0m
Ball Throw: Bruce Lindemann(S) – 43.5m
Relay: Soest – 63.1sec.

Individual winner: David Simpson(S) – 10 points
Division winner – Soest – 39 points


100m: Mike Eacrett(S) – 14.2 sec.
200m: Fraser MacDonald(W) – 31.5sec.
Broad Jump:Roger Cormier(S) – 4.22m
High Jump: Gerald Lanteigne(H) – 1.20m
Shot Put: Dick Butler(H) – 9.20m
Relay: Soest – 60.3sec

Individual winner: Gerald Lanteigne(H) – 8 points
Division winner – Hemer – 25 points


100m: Aaron Banks(S) – 12.7sec.
200m: Ray Shelly(H) – 26.9sec.
800m: Daryl Wilson(S) – 2min. 27sec.
1500m: Daryl Wilson(S) – 5min. 13sec.
Broad Jump: Jones(S) – 4.44m
High Jump: Bill Milsom(S) – 1.45m
Hop-Step-Jump: Eric Stonehouse(H) – 9.64m.
Javelin: Harry Reed(S) – 34.52m
Shot Put: Harry Reed(S) – 10.70m
Discus: Harry Reed(S) – 34.28m
Relay: Soest – 54.2sec.

Individual winner: Harry Reed(S) – 15 points
Division winner – Soest – 64 points


100m: Ron Ritchie(S) – 12.7sec.
200m: Rod Graham(S) – 25.3sec.
400m: Rod Graham(S) – 59.3sec.
800m: Mike Price(S) – 2min. 18sec.
1500m: Mike Price(S) – 5min. 47sec.
Broad Jump: Wayne Howe(S) – 5.47m
High Jump: Ron Ritchie(S) – 1.52m
Hop-Step-Jump: Joel Christie(S) – 10.99m
Javelin: Rod Graham(S) – 40.92m
Shot Put: Bill Cassidy(H) – 10.02m
Discus: Bob Crossman(H) – 27.77m
Relay: Soest – 50.8sec.

Individual winner: Rod Graham(S) – 15 points
Division winner – Soest – 76 points


100m: John Davison(Hamm) – 11.6sec.
200m: Peter Kennedy(Hamm) – 23.7sec.
400m: Peter Kennedy(Hamm) – 53.8sec.
800m: Alan Horabin(Hamm) – 2min. 13sec.
1500m: David Wilson(Hamm) – 4min. 55sec.
Broad Jump: John Davison(Hamm) – 6.16m
High Jump: Robert Hancock(Hamm) – 1.53m
Hop-Step-Jump: Alan Barnes(Hamm) – 12.25m
Javelin: Graham Nichols(S) – 44.66m
Shot Put: Alan Barnes(Hamm) – 11.72m
Discus: Peter Kelly(S) – 29.09m
Relay: Hamm – 46.4sec.

Individual winner: Alan Barnes(Hamm) – 13 points
Division winner – Hamm – 81 points

May 29Spring Concert held in the auditorium
June 14Final exams start
June 28Closing exercises held in the auditorium
June 30Miss Lalonde returns to Leamington, Ont
Miss McKay returns to Wolfville, N.S.
Mr. Parry returns to Edmonton, Alta.
Mrs. Piercy returns to Vancouver, B.C.
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