Mar 042021
Do any of you know anything about the Canadian pioneers from Werl who helped build the Sportstadium in Echthausen in 1967.
I received the following message. If you can help out please contact Andreas directly
Help for Memorialsign
i’m Andreas Baum and i’m from Wickede-Echthausen which is about 3km away from the Werl baracks. I’m in the Board of the association from the TuS Echthausen.
In 1967 the canadian Pioneers from Werl helped to build the sportstadium in Echthausen. In memory of this historical moment in our village, we want to create a memoryboard in our stadium.
We have some information, but this are just german information und only a few pictures. So our question is, may you help us to get some informations, like the groups, which helped and also maybe there is information about the machinse which were used so we can create the memory from both sides and not only the german side, maybe there is a contact of someone, who helped. In hope to her from you und stay
Andreas Baum
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