Dec 122020
I would guess most of you folks know this but I thought I would throw in a quick reference.
Useful Facebook sites:
Soest Army Brats –
Soest-Werl-Hemer-Iserlohn –
Memories of Soest –
Army Brats Soest –
Soest Boys and Girls (the Brits in Soest) –
Hemer High –
And the website:
Dave Larke Founded and a number of years back I started helping him maintain the site. Recently he asked me to take over the site. It is now on my server and it has an SSL certificate and is accessed by https://. I also created and admin the FB Ruhrmemories site above which tries to mirror part of the website. I created and admin the FB Soest Army Brats site above which tries to mirror another part of the Ruhrmemories website. If you have any questions about any of these sites or about photos or about people, just msg me. If you know of any other similar websites or FB pages, please let me know.
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