The sidebar area is the right hand part of the page that contains a variety of gadgets. Most of the pages associated with the Upper Menu Bar have sidebars. Pages for the Lower Menu Bar typically do not have sidebars because they  usually contain photos and we wanted to keep as much of the page available for photos as possible.

The gadgets we put in the sidebar will vary, but here are some possibilities:


We will always have a login/register widget so that you can register and login to the site. You will need to login to leave comments on pages and photos and to use the Forum. You only need to register once.

Google Translate

We will always have a Google translate button which allows you to translate the site to the language of your choice. The translation is far from perfect, but it does help.


We may have a Donation button that will let you donate to the maintenance of the site using Paypal or other means.

Random Photos

We will always have a is a revolving photo widget that will show random photos from the collection to amuse you.


We will usually have one or more video widgets so that we can highlight videos that we think relate to the site and might interest you.

Search Photos

We will always have a Search Photos sidebar widget that will search photo titles and descriptions for whatever words you enter. Keep in mind that adding photo titles and descriptions is an ongoing process and will become more comprehensive over time. This is a new feature and might help you find the photos you are looking for.


We will probably have poll sidebar widgets that will enable us to get your direct feedback on a variety of topics.


If you have other ideas on sidebar widgets you would like to see, just drop us a note using the Contact Us tab in the Upper Menu Bar.

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