27 CIBG Documents


27 Infantry Brigade Group

Integrated Force

Contribution to the Integrated Force: 27 Infantry Brigade Group Political and Military Background Documents
Memorandum from Chief of General Staff to Minister of National DefenceJuly 16th, 1951
Memorandum from Under-Secretary of State for External Affairs to Secretary of State for External AffairsJuly 31st, 1951
Memorandum by Chairman, Chiefs of Staff CommitteeAugust 14th, 1951
Extract from Minutes of Meeting of Cabinet Defence CommitteeAugust 30th, 1951
Extract from Cabinet ConclusionsSeptember 5th, 1951
Chairman, Canadian Joint Staff in United Kingdom, to Chairman, Chiefs of Staff CommitteeSeptember 14th, 1951
Ambassador in Federal Republic of Germany to UnderSecretary of State for External AffairsSeptember 24th, 1951

Other Documents Concerning 27 IBG

27 Brigade 1954 – 1957Contributed by John Davidson
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