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Upper Menu Bar

The Upper Menu Bar groups a variety of operational/maintenance functions as follows:

Home Icon

You can always go back to the Home Page by clicking on this icon. If you find yourself lost and just want to start over, click on this icon and it will bring you right to the first “home” page.


This section will talk about the history and mission of this website.


Material from the old website, including the old Guestbook.


If you need to communicate with the site owner and admins for any reason whatsoever, just click on this tab and fill in the form. We will make every effort to get back to you as quickly as we can.

Contribute Photos

This is a new feature. When you click on this tab you will be presented with a screen that will let you select photos to upload and to add descriptions. This will make it easy for you to contribute your photos of that time and place. Just make sure to tell us all about the photo – who, what, where, when and include your name and email so we can tell you where we put it and to give you credit.


This maintains the long standing tradition of thanking those of you who have contributed either financially or by letting us post your photos. These lists will be maintained on an ongoing basis.


This is a new feature. We have now included a fully featured Forum into the website. We are hoping that everyone uses it to contact and communicate with friends from the past of to make new ones.


This is a new feature. Actually there are two guestbooks. The new guestbook now allows us to capture structured information (you just click on the values) and it still lets you enter your information in the form you want to. We have imported all the Old Guestbook entries into the new Guestbook for your convenience. We have also made available to you the Old Guestbook in its original format so that if you are familiar with it, you can still find the information you need.


This feature is expanded. We have added new links to help you enjoy your memories of your stay in Germany. In particular, we have added links to the most common German towns where we lived, worked and played. If you would like us to add other links, just let us know by using the Contact Form.


This is a new feature. It is an automated page that will highlight the most recently added photos and posts so you can quickly see what is new.


Click here to register, if you have not done so already. You can also register using the sidebar. Your choice.

Site Info

This is a new feature. We will try to provide help in using the site as much as possible. If there are specific sections you would like to see  added, just tell us what by filling out the contact form.

Site Map

This is a new feature. The Site Map automatically lists all the pages on the site. If you are looking for something specific and can’t find it through the menu structure, just click on Site Map and all pages will be listed. Browse through until you find the page you are looking for.

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