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Denis Lamirande Hello to all gunners!!! March 24, 2013
A. Wayne Carnell I was posted to 3RCHA from 4RCHA in the Fall of 1961 where I served in G Bty and as unit sports officer. I married Marie Ethier a teacher of the bilingual class at Hemer School in November of 1963. We returned to Hemer in the Fall of 2000 on vacation prior to Marie's passing in July of 2001. Upon retirement in 1987 I accepted the position of Chief Administrative Officer with the Town of Oromocto until June 2111. I spend considerable time at my cottage at Davidson Lake at Dumfries, New Brunswick. March 24, 2013
George Oehring What an wonderful gift to us all: thank you! In lahr we always spoke of the Ruhr area as "up north", and otherwise recalled our time there as the "Golden Days", which they surely were and shall remain. I hope some of your many followers can contribute more photos and perhaps fill in a few of the gaps - like BMH Iserlohn where we maintained a fine group of Canadians, and where some of your followers may well have begun their lives. Great work. Thanks again. March 24, 2013
Pierre Marceau Married Annette Marie Luise Friedrich from Iserlohn, in the baker shop of Deilinghofen (the baker was the Mayor)on Friday the 13 of December 1963, just prior to returning to Canada. My wife, our two children and I have been back to the Iserlohn/Hemer/Deilinghofen area almost every year, sometimes twice a year, since the 60s. We saw the transformation of the various Forts into, first, British Garissons, with different names, then, into shopping centres, refugee camps or simply abandonned... March 23, 2013
Clifford Attwell March 22, 2013
R. J. Chamberlain Great memories. Too many to describe here. March 22, 2013
Dave Marshall Some great memories from my formative years. March 22, 2013
Bill Donaldson I have great memories of our deployment and time over there. Sennelager, Hohne, Fallingbostel, Soltau, Hildesheim and other sandpits are remembered as is home ground in Iserlohn. I have some photos to add once they're digitized. March 20, 2013
Terri Harding Just checking out the site March 20, 2013
John McCallum Still have very good memories of both tours in West Germany. March 14, 2013
Jim Duncan I enjoyed this site and had many fond memories of time in Germany March 14, 2013
Jim Hanson I ran the 4 Field Workshop FRP in 1966-7... see the photos in the Fort Chambly section of the website, page 2 This is a great trip down memory lane..... March 14, 2013
Hartmut Hubatsch My first posting after Group 1 Course in kingston intialy posted to 1 TPt coy and then to 4 FD wkshp Rec Platoon under chuck Winters. Platoon Commander was LT jim hanson. A very good experience. March 13, 2013
Bev White This is such a great site, brings back fond memories. Enjoy checking it out occasionally to see who has signed the guestbook. My father was with RCEME and my mother managed the Guide & Brownie shop. March 13, 2013
Kieth W. Brickley Fantastic site which I found by accident. Nice trip down memory lane and seeing so many familiar names. Returned to Hemer in 2005 with my sister and her husband for trip with tons of nostalgia. I am retired now and live in Ottawa. March 9, 2013
Harry Proctor This site brings back a lot of fond memories.I would welcome contact with anyone who remembers serving together,especially those from 120 Squad. March 1, 2013
Burt Green Trails that were once lost in time have now been found through this site. If anyone remembers the rock group "The Tender Touch" I was the lead singer for that band in my off duty hours. We performed in most of the Camps, Teen Hut, Ranch House, etc. Great times, fond memories and wonderful people met during my tour. Sept.20011, "The Tender Touch” got together again to entertain in Moncton, NB. (It was our 44 Year Reunion Gig) I would like to hear from any and all that know of me or The Tender Touch Group. Feel free to contact me. Ruhr Memories is a page in time that opens new doors. Thank You...Burt February 28, 2013
Graham Murphy Hi to Georgia Gariner. We attended same grades , same time.I am sure we must have known oneanother. I gor back to Werl last may. was great to see the pmq's. they are now all occupied by turkish immigrants. Mamma's is now a turkist food place and there is a Turkish cultural centre in the little mall there.Werl itself is still beautiful. Managed to visit the canadian section of the town cemetary. The bases are all overgrown with the old buildings falling down etc. Drove and walked along the tree-lined lane we used to walk between the pmq's and the base back and forth to the cinema. Couldn't find the old belgique theatre we used to go to see movies spoken in belgian and dubbed in english . It was like bringing one's life full circle. Love our years in germany. Fantastic to go back. However, our dollar no longer brings 4 of theirs hhah . feel free to e mail and share some memories February 18, 2013
Robert (Bob) Gelinas Unfortunately this Web site does not cover 1957 or 1958. Many great memories. Terrific web site. February 16, 2013
Helen Loraas-Harding I was an adult student 1967-68 in 10C Soest Senior High with three children. Richard (Rick) Lesyshen who was in 8C 1967-68, Carolyn Lesyshen at Fort Chambly, David Lesyshen not in school. I was also a Girl Guide Leader so knew guite a few of the girls. I have often wondered how their lives turned out. February 10, 2013
Tom Kukurudziak February 8, 2013
John Martin February 2, 2013
Marcel (Benny) Lemarbre Looking for photos of the Canadian camp in Hanover the Stonehenge Barracks in Langenhagen/Hanover 1951 or so if you have some send to my E mail it would greatly appreciated for our RCASC family history page...Thank you and "KEEP ON TRUCKIN" January 31, 2013
Jim Steed January 23, 2013
Glen Mackenzie January 17, 2013
David Furge January 12, 2013
Bob Stennett A lot of fond memories were brought back when I found this site. Barrack living, many comrades and friends which I have lost contact over the years. Seeing pictures of the old base falling into disrepair is sad. Pictures of the Molly Bar where we gathered for a few brew with friends and also a few scuffles with our neighbours from Fort McLeod (PPCLI) and then laughs and a few drinks when it was all over. Those were the days and I wouldn't change those memories for the world. January 8, 2013
Joseph Eldon Kelly Great to see the old photos . thanks... January 7, 2013
Ross Cheeseman Love to hear from anyone who may remember me during those years 57-59 January 6, 2013
Dave Quick Just spent a couple of hours going through your web page and WOW what memories come flashing back. Thank you so much for doing this. Dave Quick January 5, 2013
Jim Harris My tours in Germany enabled me and my family to visit a lot of Europe. Best years of my life. The German people are wonderful hosts. Please visit the CFB Chilliwack Historical Society website - my passion in retirement (since 1994). Jim January 4, 2013
Andrew C. Moffat Much of the info on 1 SSM is either incorrect or incomplete. As CO of 1 SSM when it became nuclear certified I am aware of the correct data. January 4, 2013
Isabella Sapiano-Farley does anyone know where patty snow-Soest in 1970 is? January 4, 2013
Bob Ducharme January 4, 2013
Doug Wilkie We were all young and proud to serve in Germany. We worked very hard and partied when we could. I have very fond memories of the fine soldiers I served with in 4 FD. January 4, 2013
Roy Silver January 3, 2013
George Kirkpatrick I have a photo of an escort taken at the gates of Ft. Henry when John Diefenbaker visited the brigade. How can I send it to you? January 2, 2013
George Kirkpatrick January 2, 2013
Dean Munro Would like to receive messages from any students or teachers of that era December 18, 2012
Carol Cromb Graham Was the daughter of the principal of Soest Senior School during our stay in Germany. Many great memories from our time there. Hope I can connect with some old friends through this site. December 11, 2012
Keith McCannan Many great memories ! December 8, 2012
Lynn Jeffrey On behalf of my brother Robert (Bob) Mills does anyone know the whereabouts of Eric or Reg Stonehouse? I was in the same year group as their sister Marie. I would be grateful for any information which I can pass on to my brother. December 4, 2012
Tony Hogan Hello to anyone that remembers me. December 2, 2012
Glenn McLean December 2, 2012
Ralph Embury Anybody out there that was in locating troop on the radars December 1, 2012
John Vogler November 25, 2012
Reg Chevalier Nice pictures and nice memories. November 25, 2012
Donald W. O'Donnell November 25, 2012
Rod MacLeod Fondest memories of those years so long ago November 24, 2012

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