Apr 042013

The following pictures contributed by Janice Ruggles-Bolton were added

4 pictures to the Soest PMQs Vintage

4 pictures to the Soest School, School Daze 60s

2 pictures to the Hemer School, Photos, People

3 pictures to the Hemer PMQs, 60s

2 pictures to Ruhr Scenes, Soesst

1 picture to Ruhr Scenes, Other

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Apr 032013

The following pictures courtesy of Janice Ruggles-Bolton were added

2 pictures to Military, 4 CIBG, Soest Forts, Fort York  Then

6 pictures to PMQs, Soest, Vintage

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Apr 022013

1 photo added to Soest PMQs, Vintage courtesy of Janice Ruggles Bolton

1 photo added to The Trip, Sea, Queen Frederica courtesy of Janice Ruggles Bolton

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Mar 312013

The following pictures courtesy of Ray Dencer were added
7 pictures to Werl PMQs, Vintage
2 pictures to Fort St. Louis, Then
1 picture to Werl School Photos

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Mar 302013

New Pictures
1 new picture added to Fort Prince of Wales, Then, courtesy of Pierre Marceau
Added a page for the Werl Cemetery under Werl Forts with 7 pictures courtesy of George Kirkpatrick

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Mar 182013

Welcome to the All-New Ruhrmemories

In our efforts to provide you with new material and exciting features, we have completely redesigned the Ruhrmemories web site.

Get Acquainted

To get acquainted, just click on Site Info in the Top Menu Bar

New Features

We have added features that we hope you will enjoy and take advantage of. Some of these include:

  • A fully-featured Forum where topics can be created and discussed by everyone. It is now available
  • A new Guestbook that includes all the information from the old one, and adds new functionality.
  • The ability to search through the photos for words. We have made significant progress in making textual data associated with photos available for searching. We still have work to do in this area, but you can try out the feature right away and if you want to help us digitize information that previously was only readable on photos, just let us know.
  • We have included a variety of  Google maps that can help jog your memories. These maps are dynamic and you can zoom in, switch from map to satellite views, and get a better idea of how your favourite places are doing today.
  • We have made it easy for you to share your precious photos or other material, with us.
  • And many more

Register and Sign the Guestbook

To get the most use from this new web site, please take the time to register. Just click on Register in the sidebar on the right. Although all the material is available to you whether you are registered or not, to make use of the Forum and to leave comments, you must be registered. As you may have guessed, this is just to cut down on spam. If, for whatever reason you have problems registering with the register link in the sidebar, try the Register tab in the top menu. Also, sign our Guestbook, let us know you have visited our new site, re-establish old relationships. Just click on Guestbook in the top menu.

Give us Your Feedback

There are Forums you can use to provide your feedback. Tell us what you like, tell us where we can improve or what additional features you would like to see. 

This Home Page

Right now this Home Page contains our new website welcome. In the future we will use it to post news, latest  items on top, oldest items at the bottom.


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