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  1. Hi Dave………….first visit to revised site. Looks good , took me  awhile to get around and leave a message but I’m there now. You guys do a great job……………..bye …………pete booth

  2. Hey Dave, hoping to send in some more photos soon. Keep up the great work. I’ve been reading so much WW2 history and collecting war items as a result of my Dads first hand experience. He took us boys to all the places he had been and awoke a keen interest in me about why we were there in the first place. We were there not long after the war. For a kid it was adventure with a capital A.

  3. The site is looking really good Dave. Brings back an awful lot of great memories. I’m going to scour my photo albums and slide collections to see if I have anything that might be of interest.

    BTW I have a photo of Carpiquet Barracks and a couple of little ball players, if you’re interested.