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  1. Thank you for permitting me to join this website. It is a truly remarkable historical document. I am a retired soldier (1966-2009) and for my sins I have become a military history professor – not a big stretch – at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston Ontario. Currently I am helping the author of a forthcoming book on the history of the Black Watch of Canada. Perhaps your membership could help us. We are looking for pictures of the RSMs of 1 and 2 RHC. We are missing the following:
    from 1 RHC RSMs
    AWL Watson 52-53
    C McAfferty 53-54
    VI Lawson 62-63
    R Blackwell 66-67
    GR Pyatt 67-70

    from 2 RHC RSMs
    Eric Cain 1964-1965
    WC Beacon 65-66

    We would appreciate any support your membership would be willing to give. Thank you in advance

    Michael BOIRE
    Asst Prof RMC

    613-541-6000 x 8781

  2. Hello everyone. What a great site to find. If anyone remembrrs me, I lived in Unna from dec1965-aug1968. I went to soest school to finish grade 7, of which I remember little. I then attended hemer for grades 8 and 9. This brought back so many thoughts and memories. If you knew me it was as Ullrich William Bzdel. I have gone by the name Will in my adult life, and taken the last name of my biological father Brandt. My dad Steven Bzdel passed away in 2003. I am at and facebook under will brandt. Would love to hear from anyone.