Welcome to Ruhr Nostalgia

This site is dedicated to all the things we remember from our stay in the Ruhr Valley. We welcome your contributions of sounds and visuals that you remember when you think back to your days in Germany, or which, when you encounter them today, bring back memories of your stay.

We hope to highlight items that are in addition to the main photo archive at www.ruhrmemories.ca

We are not looking for items simply from the 50s 60s and 70s, but items from those years that you saw and remember during your stay in Germany!

Just click on the contribute photos link in the sidebar on the right to add your items. If the photo is not yours, please include a photo credit. If it is from the internet, include the link to the photo so that we can include proper credit. Let us know which section you think your photos should be in.

And most importantly, along with your photos, tell us why you remember these things. Tell us your memories surrounding these items.

You can leave comments and your stories about any item you see. Just use the comment form under the item. You don’t have to register or login, just put in a name and email address (which will NOT be shown) and submit your comment. Once the admins approve it (to eliminate spam), your comment will appear under the photo.